Welcome from the Pastor

Thank you for visiting our website and considering Riverside Baptist┬áChurch! We have just recently moved to 34 King Avenue New Castle, De. We at Riverside would love to meet you. If you are able to, we invite you to come on down and join us for a service at our new church home. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].


Our purpose as a local New Testament church is to reach folks with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and teach them to live a victorious Christian life. Though some churches are more like a museum, we at Riverside consider our church a hospital. Our love for people is second only to our love for God, and this is what makes Riverside Baptist Church a place for everyone.

How to know you’re going to heaven…

At Riverside Baptist Church our ultimate goal is to bring as many people as we can reach to the Lord. We do this in our weekly services, and our regular soul winning, but we also have resources available here on our website. Find Out How You Can Know!