Worldwide missions is a task that we take very seriously. We believe that missions is the very heartbeat of God. God had only one begotten Son and He was sent to be a missionary. We believe that as we reach our Jerusalem and Judea that we are expected to help others reach the uttermost parts. We are privileged as a new church to be able to support two missionary families and look forward to adding more as we grow. Our supported missionary families are below.

Currently Supporting

The Payton Family

Missionaries to South America

The Lord has laid a unique burden upon Mike Payton’s heart. The Payton’s surrendered to go to Nicaragua but through the last year God has shown them a great need throughout South America. The Lord has opened doors for the Paytons to work in several South American countries including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras. Their ministry Reaching Spanish Nations is impacting many thousands of lives across South America. We are thrilled to have a hand in their ministry of reaching our neighbors to the south.

The Baxter Family

Missionaries to South Sudan, Africa

James and Abby Baxter have surrendered to go to South Sudan Africa. As the world’s newest country it has it’s own unique set of difficulties but the greatest difficulty is that there has been such religious indoctrination that sadly the blind are leading the blind. We are so thankful to have a hand in The Baxters spreading the truth of the gospel to the lost in South Sudan.